Eyesight is an amazing thing. The fact that we're able to absorb light waves through our eyes and convert that into an image that makes sense to us is one of many miracles of the body. Like all things in the body though how well and how long that serves you can be dramatically impacted by whether you provide in your diet what your body needs.

The importance of carotenoids for lifelong vision has been highlighted on many occasions by the scientific community in general and the NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board in particular for many years. I'm always excited to see new research that further substantiates the benefits our product Carotenoid Complex (CC) can provide. In this case it's an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Ophthalmology published this week. Amongst other things It shows a 40% reduction in the risk of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) the most common cause of age-related vision loss for those people with the highest dietary intake of two carotenoids; lutein and zeaxanthing (both present in CC) . It also points out the advantages of a broad spectrum of carotenoids (also present in CC). But it is the closing paragraph that I felt really delivered the message of the importance of carotenoids to public health. Here's what it says;

"Conclusions and Relevance: Higher intake of bioavailable lutein/zeaxanthin is associated with a long-term reduced risk of advanced AMD. Given that some other carotenoids are also associated with a lower risk, a public health strategy aimed at increasing dietary consumption of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids may reduce the incidence of advanced AMD."

They recommend a public health strategy to "increase the dietary consumption of fruit and vegetable rich in carotenoids"! We can certainly help with that....like no other company can.

I've included the link to the article for those who may be interested.

Source: JAMA Opthalmology