I'll grant you that Tech is important in our day-to-day lives. I'm using it right now to post this message. But sometimes Tech is silly and contradictive of itself and navigates too willingly to the darkside. Here are a few examples that come to mind;

  1. Nowhere else in the world but Tech would you be given the opportunity to "unsubscribe" from something you never "subscribed" to in the first place. Similarly only in Tech are you given the opportunity to "opt-out" of something before you ever get the chance to "opt-in". Tech actually prefers these words over "unslam" or "unjam" as those would be too reflective of what they actually did to you; and might even (and should be) illegal on some level.

  2. Nowhere else in the world but Tech would you receive an "unwanted email advertisement" promoting a program to block "unwanted email advertisements". That seems oxymoronic to me (or perhaps just moronic) because this group is making a living off of something they already know no one wants done to them. Also, if I had been using one of these programs I would never see this companies unwanted email offer to not get all these unwanted email offers, so what would be the point.

  3. Nowhere else in the world but Tech would you encounter Tech that seems to have built-in avenues of abuse in their programming. Consider your phones (mobile or landline) and all of the "unmanted phone calls" or robocalls you never requested in the first place. Now, we already know that the guys and gals (and everyone in between) who write the programming that runs our telephone communication system are uber-smart. It is well within their power to stop this stuff cold. In fact, it's right there on your phone already. It's called your contacts or directory. This file represents the folks you want to speak to and/or hear from...at least most of the time. It would seem therefore a simple matter of writing some code for your phone that says if the caller is not already identified in my contacts list then they are suspect and I more than likely don't want to hear from them. A piece of cake the coders could pump out in an afternoon. Now, for the naysayers who would tell you that "emergency" numbers, or something to that effect, would be blocked and thus put you at some unforseen risk, that could be handled simply by writing a few "if this then that" lines of code to address numbers identified as "emergency". But how often do you get emergency calls from someone you don't know? Rarely, if any I suspect. But if you do, just add them to you contacts and the problem should be solved. But Tech probably doesn't want to solve this problem because the perpetrators of these scams and hoaxes, frauds and outright robbery actually pay Tech for the ability to use it. Such revenue streams are likely considered too financially fruitful to just stamp out. Voila!!

Just thinking out loud...>>>editor!