Despite what you might have heard in some news media these last few days, making a multi vitamin and mineral supplement part of your daily nutritional program is both smart and healthy. There is no doubt that our bodies function better and stay more vigorous and vital when they are fully nourished than when dietary deficiencies exist. That difference can be life saving. The article below from this weeks issue of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) News makes that point very clearly. It tells us that for people with HIV taking a multi vitamin supplement that includes selenium can significantly slow the progression of the disease to ill health and death. At the same time it tells us that deficiencies of essential vitamins (B, C, E and Folic Acid) and selenium can accelerate disease progression. The reason is simple, deficiencies compromise immunity and overall vitality and weaken body defenses.

You need not have HIV for this to be an important message. HIV is just one of the more scary challenges some people are confronted with. For others it can be cancer, tuberculosis, heart disease, influenza one of many more diseases and conditions. Reality is, no matter which you may confront dietary deficiencies can leave you needlessly exposed. The take away message;'s smart to pay attention to your core nutrition.

Source: Harvard School of Public Health